Here’s Seven Reasons why Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will be the best shooter this year



1. You play as returning badass BJ Blazkowicz aka “Terror-Billy”.


BJ’s back and he’s not been in the best of days(especially after the ending of the The New Order which I won’t spoil) but he’s raving to kill more nazis. Also, he’s developed quite a reputation among them being dubbed “Terror-Billy” which is quite a compliment if I do say so myself. I mean, you’re playing a character that makes those nazis wet their swastika covered bedsheets at night which is rather similar to the Doomslayer from DooM 2016(the demons wet their pentagram covered bedsheets?).

2. You get to kill more Nazis!



But not just your regular footsoldiers and those pesky officers that call in reinforcements when you’re spotted. You’ve got robo-nazis, cyborg-nazis, panzerhunds that breathe fire, nazi-gators and some kind of assassin-type that can teleport itself on the battlefield. Oh my!

3. You start out in a wheel chair.


Yes you do but that doesn’t stop you from your nazi killing spree! It’s interesting that Machinegames decided to add this delicious sense of irony. Although I hope we do get to kill KKK members in wheelchairs. Roll out!


4. More guns! More fun!



Dual wielding is back and you can mix different guns on each hand to match your playstyle. That rotating barrel shotgun looks pretty sweet though. You’ll also have returning ones like the LaserKraftWerk and the new DieselKraftWerk. Oh my! Again!

5. A lot of friends and foes make a return.


The New Colossus picks up from where the The New Order left off. Although (spoilers) the assassination of General Deathshead proved a major blow to the Nazi regime, Frau Engel’s not happy about it considering this is what happened to her in the last game. Plus BJ’s a dad now with his love interest Anya.

maxresdefault (2)

6. It’ll be set in America

wolfenstein the new colossus story

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of twisted vision of Nazi-occupied America that Machinegames have envisioned with Swastikas adorned and KKK members roaming around the streets. Plus you’ll also visit the gator(nazi gator? I’m using nazi a lot aren’t I?) infested swamps of Florida.

You’ll visit a lot of other locations as well since the submarine you start the game in serves as your main base of operations allowing you and your gang to travel the world in search of more Nazis to kill.

7. You get some new toys on the way


In the last game, the Nazis used stolen Da’at Yichud technology to gain technological superiority over their foes. Now it seems BJ’s donning a power suit that makes him smash through walls as well as bull rush into a nazi to turn him into mush. Pretty cool! Also there’s a hatchet that serves as a melee weapon. Nazi scalp collecting mini game anyone?

You also get to ride a firebreathing Panzerhund into battle. Now that is beyond awesome!

Release Date: October 27th 2017

Platforms: XBox One, PS4 and PC.