Now, first of all, I’m not against people who are known as ‘horse dong in the butt people’, unless it gets dangerous.

Jeff Bishop was making a porno with his horse partner in L.A last night. Jeff is quite known in the beastiality community, and is no stranger to big animal dongs in his bottom. So this was a real shocker when the people of L.A (L.A is in California) founded out that his horse Mr. Jet Pilot accidentally killed him.

During the making of Jeff’s porno (and unfortunately his last porno), as his horse Mr. Jet Pilot was entering Jeff’s bottom hole, Mr Jet Pilot became to excited and rammed his whole goddamn horse dong up Jeff’s butt and killed him instantly! Usually Mr. Jet Pilot would slowly put his dong in Jeff’s hole so his organs would have time to move out of the way — not this time says officials.