So I remodel homes for a dude. It’s a small humble crew of 3 Mexicans, one tall redneck, me and Frank (all great guys).


Let’s talk about Frank shall we.


Frank is 72 years old going on 90. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Frank, he works as hard as he can and has a huge heart. GODDAMN this man  passes-wind a lot.

He bends over the slightest bit and he’s farting like a goddamn madman. If he bends all the way over to pick up a nail or something, then his ass hole sounds like s freaking nuke.

I kind of feel bad for the guy. We were working for a hot babe today (hanging crown). Well, every time he’d be headed up the latter to nail some crown in, he’d be farting like a motherfucker right in front of this chick!

While this hot babe is flirting with me all day, we have Frank in the background ripping-ass the whole time.

On a side note: Frank tells me jokes all day as he’s shitting himself. These joke of his SUCK!

Stay in school kids, or you’ll get farted on all day and have to listen to dumb jokes all day.