Games that kick your ass!

FB_IMG_1498324699175Right now, Prey is kicking my ass. Which is a good thing, because we here at TGO hate easy games! We demand a challenge.

What was the last game to make you say to yourself: “Wowzers, this game is kicking my ass!”

Me: Prey, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls 3


  • It’s the only one I have played. I do feel that the bonfires make the game easier. I think Bloodborne is harder. I should add that.

  • holybagpipes

    No enemies highlighted and barely any markers to help you out meaning it’s downright guess work where other enemy players are from the screenshot below. That too you’ll have to set your rifle to semi-auto unless you like wasting ammo.

  • holybagpipes

    I’d say right now it’s Rising Storm 2. Although it’s totally multiplayer only, the amount of times you’ll die is insane since it’s mostly one-shot kills(you can survive some shots by bandaging but that leaves you immobile and dangerously exposed). You’ll die from hidden snipers, traps, artillery, friendly fire or your thrown grenade that bounced back at you.

    Having played several hours in Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm 1, dying is a fact of life with this game and the tension is insane like you’re in an actual war movie. You’ll see player commanders trying to rally troops in order to hit a target with artillery before telling other squads to capture the point.

    Even hitting a target is a challenge of it’s own since you’ll be constantly under fire with napalm/mortar strikes raining down on you. If you could see anyone in the first place, it’s all about reaction time and remember I said friendly fire? Unless you can distinguish between your US and Vietcong in half a second before deciding to open fire can be a life or death situation.

    I even fired full auto into a smoke screen onto rushing US marines before my nearby teammates were roasted by a flamethrower(I got an achievement for surviving that too!). Even managing your rounds is important since there’s no active hud so there’s a chance you can run dry. Even navigating the map needs you to pull out your map so you can identify areas where your friendles and charlie are.

    Which reminds me of the time I was playing as the US in which we were pinned down on a street and one player got killed. The game not being content with blurring your vision with enemy fire or sounds of artillery raining down, the dying soldier started screaming “Momma I wanna go home!”. I’d love to see these guys do a game on Mogadishu aka Black Hawk Down.

  • Bulgingsnake

    I thought Dark Souls 3 was the easiest in the Dark series. I still loved it though

  • Bulgingsnake