• Mr. Perfect

    George Micheal, the OG of assblast.

  • Dave79

    I always call WHAM ‘poof’

  • Bulgingsnake

    Here here

  • Jerry Eldini

    I will let my wife know, she loved that old fag. I took her to see him in san Diego like 7 or 8 years ago and I must say, I was quite impressed with the sheer number of coug’s that showed up. Fella could have gotten his dick sucked two or three times at the show and taken a few home in a doggie bag if he played his cards right at that show! They were in packs, I’m tellin ya! That silly old homo really brought a lot of joy to those va-jay-jays!

  • Beastly beast

    We shall always remember George Micheal….. and WHAM.

    But just because George Micheal is dead does NOT mean we are required to play WHAM!