My son Cockroach, my dad and I were fishing in Sarasota Bay. Cockroach just turned 4 and this was his first time fishing.

My father (he’s gone now, RIP) had a favorite hole for fishing in Sarasota Bay that is loaded with Mangrove Snappers and some Spec Trout during the winter months (bay fishing sucks during the summer here in Florida).

The 3 of us were crammed into a 12 foot Boston Wailer, but having the time of our lives. One fish after another, we couldn’t get the line into the water fast enough!

I remember hearing a huge splash then looking behind me. Cockroach had jumped overboard and was headed towards an island that was about a 100 yards away. He’d been obsessing over this island since the second he laid eyes on it.

Damn that kid was cute. There he was bobbing along with his life vest and smiling (fearless little boys are). Of course I jump in after him. On one side of the boat where the channel was, I’d say the water was around 10 feet deep, the side me and Cockroach were on, the water was about 4 feet deep (I love Florida bays, Crystal clear and shallow).

So me and Cockroach finally make it to the island. Although the island wasn’t far away, it felt like it took a million years to get there… Cockroach had to explore and checkout every sing shell we came across on the bay’s floor (these kind of things are a must for the 4 year old brain).

Cockroach took a huge dump on the island.

It was an amazing day, and dinner was quite wonderful too. Nothing beats fresh snapper.