I promised my son Cockroach this morning that we’d do some night fishing.

During the day we cruised by Walmart and grabbed some frozen shrimp (frozen shrimp are a million times better than live, they stay on the hook longer).

Cockroach waited in anticipation for the sun to go down. You’d think it was X-mas eve the way this kid was acting.

So night time finally arrives. I start getting my tackle & gear ready for the big fishing adventure — as I’m doing this, Cockroach is getting sprayed down with insect repellant by his mom in the bathroom (I hate that chemical smell). I’m asked if I would like some insect spray, I decline.

Out the door me & Cockroach go. We head towards Manatee river, its about 50 yards behind our house. We live on the tail end of Manatee river which runs into Tamp Bay, so it is more saltwater than fresh water (barely brackish).

This section of the river has Bonnet Head, Snapper, Red fish, Black tip, Specks, Snook and other species I’m sure.

We get to the river, I throw a shrimp on the hook (we’re using 20 pound test) and I cast it as far as I can. The river is dead calm and the tide isn’t moving, which equals poor fishing unfortunately.

We sit down and the waiting game begins. As I’m staring at the end of the rod looking for movement only one thing is going through my head ‘god I wish I used some of that bug spray’! — the mosquitoes were eating me alive.

BAM!!! The rod bends over, Cockroach screams DAD… I quietly say ‘I saw it’. I knew the fish was already gone and had taken our bait because of the behavior of the rod. But this gave me hope, fish were out there (and I knew what kind of fish it was).

3rd cast and 20 minutes later I’m about to scream over the mosquitoes, BAM!!!! — This time the fish is on. I tell Cockroach to set the hook and start reeling. Watching a 6 year old fight any fish over 5 pounds is priceless. The rod is completely bent over, Cockroach is nervous\excited and asking me to grab the rod for him. I keep saying ‘ reel it in, it’s your fish.

You’d think this kid had a 100 pound grouper on his line the way he was fighting it. The fish is finally landed, and it’s a Sail Cat, exactly what I thought it was going to be. Cats are not primo fish, and taste like shit here in Florida, but it sure was a blast watching my son real that bad-boy in.

It’s safe to say the obsession of fishing is creeping into my son like it did me at a young age.