• Jerry Eldini

    We’re not all as good looking as you Snake!! My clone wouldent even have a bleached anus like your perfect little clone!! Why would I want to cornhole that??? Gosh!!!

  • Only if my cline and I take turns. I’m down for anything, but no kissing.

  • Mr. Perfect

    Where is everyone? Why don’t more people comment? Are they all svcking off on Hue?

    • Dave79

      I was pinned under my clone…seems he’s stronger than I am.

    • Yes

    • Bulgingsnake

      No one really knows about the channel yet. I’m not going to do serious advertising till more content is on here

      • Mystical_Me

        The only one I hear from is @SamuSenpai:disqus which I follow to here. You could always start tagging users like I did here to Sam.

      • Bulgingsnake

        Just follow mw

  • Beastly beast

    clones is fantasy talk. I just hump a mirror.

    • Mystical_Me


  • Steve


    The Bone-clone!