I love this little guy

I have a ton of Star Wars collectibles, but this little battle droid may be my favorite. He just grows on me more and more. He is very simple but well designed as far as appearances go. His head comes off if you’re not careful, but that has never been a big issue for me. The biggest issue is that he can’t stand on his own. He needs that forest platform at all times. Despite these faults, I find this figure very charming.

I tend to have a big soft spot for battle droids in general. They are so dumb and lovable. I always feel bad when the jedi beat the living crap out of them. Alongside the clones, battle droids are my favorite characters in Clone Wars. I’m really looking forward to play as these clunky goobers when Battlefront 2 comes out!


  • Bulgingsnake

    Yeah, Staff droids kickass

  • Villain

    If the head keeps breaking off you can accidently glue a C-3P0 head on it.

    • That should be a figure on its own if it is not already.

  • Jerry Eldini

    Hey Sam, I know it is off-topic and if you like, feel free to point out what a worthless POS I am, but, was that really you in that Sam pound dance video?

    • Nope

      • Jerry Eldini

        Bummer! That guy looked super cool!

  • Mystical_Me

    And I thought the only dolls you played with, you had to blow up first.