Guys, Prey is Still Kicking My Butt

I’m playing on hard mode and I’m getting slaughtered. I traditionally play games on normal on my first playthrough, but I’m begining to find normal to be way too easy in every game I play. Hungry for a challege, I’ve decided to always start on hard mode from now on. I kinda regret my decision when it comes to Prey. The Typhon are painting the walls with me! They are truly terrifying and formidable foe. To make matters worse, I’m having a hard time gathering ammo and health. I’m constantly creeping about and praying that the Nightmare doesn’t find me.

It found me

Ironicly, these hurdles are making me love this game. It feels like a classic survival horror game in first person. So far, I may like this game more than Resident Evil 7. I can go on, but I need to save my best praises (and negatives) for my future review. It may take awhile though…

I died
  • Arphemius

    Yeah. They’re mostly unneccessary though. Skills like recycling keep you stocked with ammunition and having 300 health lets you survive anything. Getting double the amount of health from food and water is awesome as well.
    Everything else is useful too, but those skills are the only thing that’s neccessary to beat the game on hardmode. If you have the patience to sometimes stand for 5 minutes in front of a sink to heal up completely that is.^^

  • holybagpipes

    I’m thinking of going for a pure psi build. I didn’t use a lot of powers in my first play through.

  • holybagpipes

    The powers are a lot of fun to use though. I allocated some points into psyonics but a lot into normal skills which had me forgetting that I had psi powers in the first place.

  • holybagpipes

    Even on normal those typhons take a good chunk of your health if you aren’t careful.

    I found those security turrets pretty handy to have around. But starting out you have to avoid some enemy encounters to avoid ammo shortages.

    If you can launch sneak attacks it’ll do higher damage ala Fallout.

  • Arphemius

    Played it on hard mode as well. Once you get the shotgun though, even a Nightmare is down in 10 seconds. Also, I heard the powers are extremely powerful, even though I personally didn’t play using them.

  • It never gives me a break. The enemies just get harder and harder.

  • Beastly beast

    Prey is a legit freaking game. And it remains tough all the way through. Hell it got harder for me towards the end.

    It’s freaking sweet.

  • Good choice. Fantastic game so far. Not perfect, but fantastic.

  • You should. Kilts are in.

  • Mr. Perfect

    Added to Steam wish list

  • Total WINNING

  • Bulgingsnake

    That’s what I’m talking about

  • Steve

    I do everything on hard mode, except wear a kilt.