Guys, Prey is Still Kicking My Butt

I’m playing on hard mode and I’m getting slaughtered. I traditionally play games on normal on my first playthrough, but I’m begining to find normal to be way too easy in every game I play. Hungry for a challege, I’ve decided to always start on hard mode from now on. I kinda regret my decision when it comes to Prey. The Typhon are painting the walls with me! They are truly terrifying and formidable foe. To make matters worse, I’m having a hard time gathering ammo and health. I’m constantly creeping about and praying that the Nightmare doesn’t find me.

It found me

Ironicly, these hurdles are making me love this game. It feels like a classic survival horror game in first person. So far, I may like this game more than Resident Evil 7. I can go on, but I need to save my best praises (and negatives) for my future review. It may take awhile though…

I died