• UilickMcGee

    That was pure commodity.
    I definitely feel better sporting a woody during this than Rugrats.

  • holybagpipes

    Oompa loompa goodness?

  • WTF did I just watch? It was amazing.

  • PeeJaay👢

    Every cartoon is better than rugrats..

  • Mystical_Me
    • Bulgingsnake


  • Steve

    Do you think he has a Hazmat Certification?

  • RealOklahoma

    Wow i’m impressed, <3 the new site and everything bulge!

    I'll pass this place around. 🙂

    • Bulgingsnake

      Why wouldn’t you be impressed, it’s me

      • RealOklahoma

        well i am slightly discouraged about the lack of dongnadoes and


      • Bulgingsnake

        I understand

  • Jerry Eldini

    Just throw those fvckin rugrats into a wood chipper.