• PQG 1991

    Can’t i be the three?

  • Mr. Perfect

    I’m all about the alcohol.

  • Alcohol! I’d get kicked outta the navy for pot, though I do enjoy a nice bowl. Alcohol and i have built up a steady relationship.

  • Stocking πŸ’˜

    I’ve smoked weed thrice
    Pleasing but meh
    Alcoholic… maybe >.>

  • Steven Stone

    i liked weed flavored beer when i downed my quaaludes..i think..i dont know..i forget…..now what did i say….i fell asleep on the driveway.. what week is this…is this still 1979….

    • Jerry Eldini

      What did they say on them? Like lemon 314 or something?

      • Steven Stone

        the ones made in america had lemmon 714 on it .i had the legal ones from a friend that had bad sleep problems ..they were powerful..

      • Jerry Eldini

        I haven’t seen one since the early 80’s LOLz

      • Steven Stone

        yes..my time with them was about that time..took them to come down off to much coke…man what a fun get wasted time.πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

      • Jerry Eldini

        Yep, it was a blast all right!

      • Steven Stone

        Yes it was.

      • thereforeiam

        Cosby asked me to hold his stash till this “misunderstanding ” of his blew over. I’m giving him back tylenol cause he’s blind now.

  • General Meowsers

    I used to smoke weed all the time in my teens, then I started taking trips and LSD every weekend for a couple of years, along with any booze I could get.
    Also i used to snort a few lines of speed maybe once a month back then, along with dexies and ecstacy pills.
    Crack came along and I started smoking it every time I flew home from work on my week off, addiction got out of hand and I ended up injecting it twice before I made my mind up to stop.

    Now I just stick with alcohol, i’m still overcoming my methamphetamine addiction but I’m getting there and starting to see things in a better light.

  • Jerry Eldini
    • RockMomster

      Idk what this is.. but it looks like the tacky mouse traps that lined my Nanny’s basement back in the early 90s

      • Jerry Eldini

        It is concentrated cannabis, kind of like hash but way more pure. It’s called wax, or shatter. If gets you so fucking stoned you don’t even know what happened to you. First couple of hits you ever take sucks the wind right out of your lungs like weed and crack all mixed together! Here in California the medical cannabis dispensaries have it. I am sure the legal shops will sell it to, it is super tasty!

      • RockMomster

        Well sh!t .. that sounds like a good time

      • Jerry Eldini

        You know it!!

  • mikezippy

    I am such a light weight now.

  • One Mat Gang

    Alcoholic? No. I don’t attend any meetings. I’m too busy drinking myself into a blackout. And marijuana is illegal in New York State so I don’t touch the stuff. I’d hate to break the law.

    • Jerry Eldini

      I thought New York had medical cannabis, no? Also, you said you live in New York and you don’t want to break the law? Are you feeling OK?

  • RockMomster