Comfortable living because of science VS living off the land and natural instinct.

I know how to live off the land. Although I come from a well to do family, my dad was always teaching me the methods of fishing, hunting, trapping and staying warm on cold nights under the treetops.

I grew up going to survival training camps (and I absolutely loved them). By age 21 I was a certified survivalist (which means I could legally teach people the ways of ‘the great outdoors’ and get paid for it).

I use to think Society was the root of all evil, and numbed our relationship with nature and god. Air-conditioning is the devil, cars are the devil, airplanes are the devil, microwaves are the devil, internet is the devil — you get the point.

But, nature by law has it so all things evolve. So, it is indeed nature who gave us the comforts of living in a house with air-conditioning and a house with the internet. It is nature who gave us cars & airplanes for swift and timely travel across land. How did nature give us these things of comfort you might ask? — through the growth and development of our brain (evolution).

If nature wanted mankind to live under a rock, then I assure all of you that we would still be living under a rock.

When purest\naturalist say to me that the people have lost touch with nature and the spirit of the wild, I say “we don’t need the wild, why else would nature have made the human brain so advanced?….”  (ignoring what our brain is fully capable of, is ignoring what nature gave us).

Nature did not intend for us to live in caves and throw spears at animals. Nature intended for us to look up at the stars and beyond.

Throwing rocks is a thing of the past.

Ignoring science and newly found comforts of living is ironically enough ignoring the laws of nature.

Nature made us what we are.

So if you have a problem with society, then blame nature.

I’m going to play video games now and crank the AC down to 74 degrees. It gets pretty damn hot this time of year in Florida.