• Beastly beast

    No. But I did walk in while HE was pleasuring my moms lady balls when I was a kid.

    worst time to ask for a glass of water ever.

    • RockMomster

      make sure you recommend Snake’s special discussions so people can find them please.

  • Not recently.

  • Steven Stone

    when i walked in on my naked mom ..i cryed ..for two days..i couldent get the picture out of my mind…it was scary..i had to wash my mind out with jack danials and an oz..of maui wowie…

    • Bulgingsnake

      Going for it

      • Steven Stone

        Hi Snake ..how you doing you hard working man…i like yer posts ..always funny and interesting…i likey…😆😆

      • Bulgingsnake

        Show them on Facebook then!

      • Steven Stone

        guess what..i was banned from face book..they did not like my trump posts…

      • Bulgingsnake

        No shit? So much for freedom of speech. You’re always safe here

      • Steven Stone

        yes..i couldent believe it..my lady kept telling me watch out the feds will come beat down the door..then i went to post and in big letters it said ..you have been banned..hell..i have been banned on 7 different places on disqus…i guess they dont like it that i dont have punctuation or i cant spell and they just dont like my words….at least you let me post..thank you snake…your always coooooooool..

  • Mr. Perfect

    Once as a kid, I time I had to go upstairs to use the bathroom late at night. Parents door was open and both were sleeping naked. Fvcking sick.

  • mikezippy

    I feel like I am in the danger zone.

    • Bulgingsnake

      That’s because you are!

  • General Meowsers

    My dad never walked in on me, he liked to walked out on us instead.. 😾

    Respect to Bulgingsnake, my condolances to you Sir.