• Steven Stone

    o…man..thats just pitiful.she needs an ergin to see a surgon .or.she could be bait for a giant sturgon.

  • RockMomster

    is this a jab at my baby boobs?

  • Yum

  • Mr. Perfect

    I’d hit it.

    • Steve

      You couldn’t miss it.

  • Holy shit!

  • Beastly beast

    That’s a huge bitch!!!

    • RockMomster

      I literally laughed out loud reading this. I always love reading your comments. 🙂

  • holybagpipes

    Is this a deleted scene from that Patrick Swayze flick?

    • Steve


      • holybagpipes

        The one where he’s a ghost.

  • PQG 1991

    Thanks for this image… now I’ll have to work hard to erase it from my mind… then again I was the one who clicked on the post… oh god I watched it again.

  • Andronymous

    I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating all my food. Not that I wouldn’t want to, but something like that…. if it doesn’t want to move, you aren’t moving it!

  • Hαro

    So this is an actual place, nice