• RockMomster
    I was most disappointed by this Krustys super fun house game… because I couldn’t figure that shiz out for my life growing up.. literally made no sense to me.

  • Beastly beast

    From what I’ve seen of uncharted 4 I’d be disappointed too.

    They kept blowing it up as “THE GREAT CONCLUSION AND END TO DRAKES STORY!!!”

    Then they kept implying it would be a far darker game.

    But the story kinda turned out to be…. another uncharted story.

    and uncharted has good stories but not great ones. Other than the amazing graphics and sound…. the plots are actually average.

    But the games have strong writing and good characterization to make up for it.

    Other than that you have a perfectly competent shooter system with half assed but impressive looking platforming from time to time.

    Uncharted is cool but I think it was always overhyped to an extent.

  • Bulgingsnake

    I’m a wordest!

  • Watch the boob go up!

  • Bulgingsnake

    A solid joke.

  • Steve

    I think the milk’s gone bad…

  • Bulgingsnake

    That’s a splendid idea!

  • Steve

    I think that pump is supposed to go on you ding dong.