My Top 5 Will Ferrell Comedies

Will Ferrell’s new movie The House comes out this week and I thought I would take a minute and look back on some of his best projects. Ferrell has been one of the most popular comedy stars since he left SNL. He’s done some funny stuff and some stuff that is absolute garbage. I just thought I would list my top 5 favorites. This is completely my opinion and if you don’t agree that’s fine. Feel free to post your own top 5 below. I’m going to leave out the animated stuff like Megamind and The Lego Movie. I enjoyed Anchorman and Blades of Glory but neither will be on the list.

5. Zoolander

Will Ferrell may not be the lead in Zoolander but I would argue that his character is the funniest. Ferrell plays the main villain, fashion designer Mugatu who tries to train model Derek Zoolander to assassinate the Malaysian Prime Minster. Mugatu is also the inventor of the piano key necktie. Mugatu is probably most famous for the “He’s so hot right now” line. It was unfortunate that the Zoolander sequel had to come along last year and partially ruin the character.

4. The Other Guys

Teaming Will Ferrell up with Mark Wahlberg ended up being pretty fun in The Nice Guys. He plays a goodie goodie desk cop who secret has a pretty scarred past. Ferrell is relied on for most of the humor as Wahlberg is better suited for the straight man role. Their argument about the lion and the tuna is one of my favorite scenes in any comedy movie ever.

3. Elf

Elf is the ultimate Christmas movie for some people. I don’t watch it every year like some people do but ever time I do check it out I’m shocked with how funny and heartwarming is more than a decade later. Ferrell is probably at his most likeable as Buddy the Elf. Its a pretty fluffy movie that pretty easy to watch but sometimes that’s the way I like it.

2. Step Brothers

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Step Brothers and its still just as funny to me as it ever was. Ferrell shares the screen with his buddy John C. Rielly and they put on a hilarious show as two middle aged men who butt heads when their parents are forced to move in together. There is a hilarious scene in this movie that uses a fake set of testacies and I read somewhere that they were worth $20,000. Who the hell would buy that?

1. Old School

To me this is the ultimate Will Ferrell comedy. He doesn’t have to handle all the humor but whenever he relied on for jokes he delivers. Pairing him with Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn is genius and the humor holds up just as well now as it ever did. Old School also put Ferrell on the map, meaning we may not have gotten the other movies I listed if not for this classic.

What are your favorite Will Ferrell comedies?