Sam’s Alien Covenant Review

Plot: Everyone’s favorite mega corperation, Weyland-Yutani, has sent the crew of the Covenant to a far off planet, Origae-6, to colonize. However, the Covenant receives a mysterious signal coming from a much closer unknown world. This nearby planet looks even more hospitable than Origae-6 and is too tempting to pass up. Going there may or may not be a good idea…Spoilers: it’s not. There may or may not be aliens…Spoilers: there are.

First Thoughts: I really liked Alien Covenant! However, I wanted to love it, not like it. A few nick picky issues keep it from greatness. That being said, I can say in all confidence that it is the 3rd best Alien movie ever made. Not hard to do, but I would take that as extremely good news.

Pros and Cons:

– Could have been scarier.
– Characters are fine, but forgettable. I won’t remember their names like I did for the crew of the Nostromo or the Colonial Marines.
– Characters are also stuck on dumb or “Don’t do that!”

I’m gonna put my face in this thing!

– Some twists are predictable
– I had to fight explosive diahriah throughout film. I missed a few minutes in the beginning because of it. I thought I was safe until my stomach gurgled around the time xenomorphs showed up. I really thought I was gonna shit my pants. Luckily, it went away. This ordinal was actually more terrifying than the movie…

– XENOMORPHS & facehuggers on the big screen again! Loved seeing them. Interesting twist about them…Alien-Covenant-gif-horror
– Seeing the Alien title slowly form on the big screen made me happy.
– Neomorphs stole the show for me. Great new monster for the mythos. I need a NECA toy of one asap.

Is it just me, or do the mouths look like butt holes?

– Fantastic gore! Some of the best and most disturbing deaths in the series. Did not disappoint in this department!
– Great creepy moments that will haught you after the film.
– Michael Fassbender is the best part. I’ll tell you why in a future spoiler discussion…
– Danny McBride + Xenomorphs = WINNING tumblr_om45hgOjBL1s64q1mo1_500
– James Franco’s performance was oscar worthy
– The film is gorgeous. Great shots and settings.
– The movie created more questions than answers. I really liked that. It’s fun to discuss and it makes things scarier/more unsettling by not knowing.
– The music felt very Alien, which is good. Jed Kurzel did a great job.
– Things I can’t talk about without spoiling

Final thoughts and Score: Overall, dispite it’s faults, it was a good Alien movie. I’m glad I saw it, and I can’t wait to buy it and watch it again.

4 out of 5. Really Liked It!