The Belko Experiment Review: Partially Campy and Original Fun

The Belo Experiment

Release Date: March 17, 2017

Director: Greg McLean (Wolf Creek)

Starring: John Gallagher Jr, Tony Goldwyn, Adria Arjona, John C McGinley and Michael Rooker.

If you put Office Space, The Purge and Cabin in the Woods in a blender The Belko Experiment would be the movie you’d get. The movie is written by James Gunn who wrote the Dawn of the Dead remake from back in 2004 and he directed Super and the 2 Guardians of the Galaxy movies. So I was expecting quite a bit from this movie and it maybe didn’t quite reach my expectations. Its not the best horror film of the year (if its a horror film at all) but I think it should be at least checked out because it is a lot of fun.

In the film a large group of co-workers become sealed in an office building owned by the Belko company and they become forced to kill each other or be killed themselves. Then the friends and colleagues turn against each other sending the whole building into complete chaos.

The best thing about The Belko Experiment is that its always entertaining. The story is a little brutal and there is a decent amount of gore but there are a handful of really good kills including one dude getting beat to death with a plastic tape dispenser (see the poster). It definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously but they make use of a relatively small 5 million dollar budget.

The whole cast may not have any really familiar faces but there are some awesome character actors in the mix that you’ll recognize from smaller roles in other films. They show that they are completely capable of carrying this movie. John Gallagher jr is great as the male Ripley of the office that tries to keep everyone safe and do what’s right but the other characters show what human beings can be like if they have no other options but to fight for survive. The body count is huge here. Unfortunately it takes the Star Trek approach and most of the people who get killed are the faceless characters that no one really cares about. You can probably guess from the time the movie starts who is going to live the longest and that takes any stakes away.

The ending is a little quick but the film itself is quite short at less than 90 minutes. Its fairly well paced but I think the end product would’ve been better if James Gunn decided to direct it too. The Belko Experiment could be one of those movies that really find their fan base after they are released on home video. Its got potential to be a cult classic a few years down the road. Its not a perfect movie but of the handful of movies I’ve reviewed on I think this is the one that should be essential viewing for any fan of genre movies.

The Belko Experiment gets 65 out of 100.