What you Honkies doing for the weekend?

“Drunk” – 2017

I’m working, editing a web series, watching Baby Driver, then going to make hay with the Steam Super sale.

Also probably finger-blast a dead horse.



  • Bulgingsnake

    This is a sick toon

    • UilickMcGee

      Best album cover/title combo I’ve seen in a long time.

      • Bulgingsnake

        If you like this kind of music, then listen to the album Roosevelt.

      • UilickMcGee

        Listening now. I love everything.

        The past week I’ve had the office all to myself, so I’ve just been blaring Venetian Snares on and off, then cutting suddenly to Carly Simon or The Beach Boys.

        Good times…

      • Bulgingsnake

        Love the Beach Boys

  • Villain

    I’m also looking to check out Baby Driver.

    • UilickMcGee

      We should do a dual review. It’ll be epic, like Syskel and Ebert, but we both hack out each others jawbones and try to suck each other off.

      Or just talk about the movie.
      That’s cool too.