My Lady Friend wants me to shave my bush. WTF do I do?



Apparently all manly men are doing it (I don’t buy that horsesh*t for one second). I don’t do body grooming, I come au natural and don’t expect any different from anyone else.

She’s bald as a turnip, but I couldn’t give a monkeys di*k. I’m of the opinion she needs a little ying to her yang.


  • Bulgingsnake

    I love body grooming! But never touch the “male bush” with a razor. Absolutely NEVER! The male bush protects the dong

    • The Tooth *EWN HOF*

      The dong must be able to be it’s own fighting force. No hiding behind the bush..

  • thereforeiam

    You get a new lady friend is what you do. Just finish wearing out the current one before she realizes that a manscape is not forthcoming.

    • UilickMcGee

      Can’t trust her not to hack my balls off in my sleep.
      She’ll do it, and I’m a pretty heavy sleeper…

  • Don’t do it. We must be free.

    • UilickMcGee

      It’s what comes after that scares me the most. What next? Eyebrows? The Gooch?

      Before I know it I’ll be asking permission to wipe and flush after every deposit.

      • It will be 1984 but with your anus.

  • PQG 1991

    Shave it man. And have her shave something of hers as well then.

  • holybagpipes

    Brazilian wax!

    • Dave79

      I prefer duct tape.

      • holybagpipes

        You mean redneck waxing.

  • Dave79
  • RockMomster

    If you trim the bush your dong will look bigger by default.. and she won’t have to floss with your pubes.
    Also.. she’ll probably give you better head for a longer amount of time if it’s tidy at least

  • The Tooth *EWN HOF*
  • Jerry Eldini

    The waxed/shaved bush is all the rage with the ladies for the past decade, but dudes? IDK what to tell you man, if anyone I know is doing it they and their women are keeping it secret. Think like a porn star and tell her you will do it for a new game system.