This website was not given to me, so I don’t have to worry about some assclown looking over my shoulders. There is absolutely no fear on TGO, as in, don’t worry about your comments being deleted.

This website has barely been up for a month and is already getting thousands of views per day (without the help of social media…yet).

So all you onlookers out there who are not leaving comments because of our over the top, politically correct society, don’t be a pussy, because you don’t have to be at THE GREAT OUTDOORSMAN…

People are such tool bags now that they don’t even realize it. It has been ingrained into their very soul to do, and act how others see fit.

It’s a rarity to find originality these days. Originality has been desecrated by the fear of wanting to fit in with the people who hold you back.

People are blind. I use to love seeing the world through a clear lens, but it can be a rather lonely experience when you’re the only person awake among the dead.