Bulgingsnake is an asshole-savant

An idiot savant is when someone is thought to be mentally retarded but have a brilliant memory and mind… is there such a thing as an asshole-savant? If this exists… that’s what Bulgingsnake is.

First off.. I was asked by him to write another article in my series of “tell all” about him being a genius (who is also a complete ass)… nothing proves this more than the fact that he gave me an attitude for taking care of our crying infant daughter before writing said post. I’m sorry my priorities are totally off… forgive me.

The reason he is so bothersome is BECAUSE he is so intelligent. He knows better every time he’s being a jerk.

Facts about BS:

1. His memory only rivals rain man.

2. His intuition is spot on.

3. He will literally tell you what you are going to do and say before you even do or say it… and he points it out!

I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t at least considered strangling him at some point. He is exhausting.

For someone so intelligent he should be putting it to good use instead of berating the people closest to him, but he suffers from chronic laziness. He would rather waste his gifts and wait for things to work themselves out, yet complains about it at the same time.

Someone who knows people as well as he does (psychologically) should probably be nicer on general. He lacks a lot of basic human emotions and shames others for having them. He’s a lot colder than he seems.

He can make your blood boil. Seriously.

Intelligent assholes are the worst. That is all…