North Korea  launched a missile Tuesday morning that they claim can “reach anywhere in the world.” It supposedly reached a height of 1,702 miles high and traveled close to 600 miles. So what does all this mean? Sanctions have little effect on North Korea as the missile test in of itself  proves…..along with all the other tests. Project Dennis Rodman has seemed to have failed as well. Many were hoping his amazing dialect and diplomacy skills would pay off but unfortunately they too have fallen short.

No the US needs to go big this time. It’s time to call in TEAM AMERICA! This supper team is the closet thing we have to a real super heroes team like the Avengers or The Justice League. But instead of fiction these guys are nonfiction–that means real. Why they have been sitting on the sidelines for so long is anyone’s guess. Some of the guys are semiretired but all these guys need is a phone call and they will gladly put retirement back on hold to serve their country. These guys are true patriots. And true patriots know how to get the job done. So I say put the Tweeting down and pick up that red phone and make that call. It’s time to take the world back under control again. It’s time to send in TEAM AMERICA!



  • Bulgingsnake

    Great call bro!

    • mikezippy

      That’s what I do. I make great calls.

      • Bulgingsnake

        I know, that’s why you’re the official guy of great calls on TGO.

  • Louie

    The shit will hit the Twitter