Star Wars Forces of Destiny Episode 2: BB8 Bandits.

The second episode of the new Forces of Destiny web series hit the web yesterday. This episode also features Daisy Ridley voicing Rey. After watching the one from yesterday I learned more about what Lucasfilm plans to accomplish with this. I think most of us are fairly aware that they are nothing special but one could surprise us later.

What do you think of the new Forces of Destiny short?

  • PQG 1991

    It’s another nice episode

  • Good times for SW fans.

    • PQG 1991

      Yep good times indeed. Then again without Jar Jar everything sems better doesn’t it?

  • Villain

    I must say that I’m not really feeling this stuff. Maybe when they move on to someone other than Rey things will get a bit more interesting.

  • Mystical_Me

    Nothing, nothing at all.