It is not very often that a hot new trend comes along that woman  feel inspired to cram it into their vaginas. That new trend right now is called Passion Dust….the vaginal glitter bomb. It lets you “see the magic good love can make.” Because love already doesn’t have enough weird fluids it was time to add more to the mix to get all over the sheets and each other.

What exactly is this thing that was ” created out of pure love for all things sexy, fun and SpArLy?” Oh I’m going to tell you don’t worry….no need to start Googling it just yet—I got you covered with a link anyway.  Passion Dust are intimacy capsules that you jam up your vagina so it can ooze out creamy sticky glitter that tastes sweet. Doesn’t that sound like fun? I mean us men just love glitter all over ourselves….we are constantly smearing it on everything we have.  Finally we can bring it into the bedroom so we can have even more of the stuff. It’s  like a dream come true….a bright sparkly one. I don’t see why it can’t be jammed into other holes either if you know what I mean….why not? There should be no limit on magic after all.


In all seriousness I don’t know what I would do if all of a sudden the woman I was with started oozing sparkly fluids. I’d probably freak out and wonder what the hell one of us ate….probably think it was me because I tend to be a hypochondriac. Well believe it or not the web site brings up such a scenario. Well brings up how to let guys in on what is going on….by not telling us:

Most people LOVE IT and some people hate it!…hate the idea of it and have never tried it. But that’s fine, to each their own. If your partner is a guy then don’t tell him! is how you fix that. It will most certainly have to be a surprise for him, Men don’t know or understand why women do half the things they do, they don’t know or care why girls and woman like pretty, sparkly things so to them it’s all weird, crazy, stupid and pretty much unnecessary….” 

Don’t tell us great idea thanks. I do have to wonder why woman are so drawn to sparkly things like moths are to a light. They love sparkly things on everything from clothes to makeup to bags to jewelry…..and now their vagina juices. I’m guessing it goes back to early childhood dreams of fairies and princesses or something.


Well I know what you are wondering right now. Where can I get my hands on this stuff so I can start making some magic? Well here is the link:

I should probably mention a few wonderful things before you try to order some magic for you and your partner.  This magic dust created by a mother of three  is apparently sold out right now. The second is that several doctors have come out against woman using it as it changes the chemistry inside the vagina increasing the chances of infections. But I say the hell with doctors….they know nothing about magic.

  • Bulgingsnake

    Goddamn, I could use s little vag dust to help spark up my fluids!

  • Andronymous

    I never thought vaginas could be more magical than they already are. I think I may still think that. Yup.

  • One Mat Gang

    Does it come in bacon flavor?

  • Steve

    The thinking behind this is counterintuitive. Since it is women that enjoy sparkly things, they should put out a pill that makes my jizz sparkle so that when I shoot a load it decorates them like a Christmas Tree.

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause.