• Villain

    Yes, but you have to work your way up. Start on the public access channel after Tuesday night Bingo.

  • Mr. Perfect

    This is a great question, and I’m glad that somebody asked it. The answer is really nuanced. Getting assblasted on TV by just anyone is indeed quite humiliating. Getting assblasted on TV by Bulgingsnake, or Bulgingsnake getting assblasted on TV by animals is well…. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ec848a65f9558b8a94810a1f9f32c4a6085051398a4016a5faf6226b6162c9da.jpg

  • Steve

    I’d bet losing a national election to a reality TV star would be pretty humiliating.

    • Bulgingsnake

      Only in America!