We live in an era where everything is changing on a daily basis. What is popular one day is unpopular the next, and vice versa.

We live in an era where entertainment can be seen 24/7, any kind of entertainment you want from all over the world.

We live in an era of ego, where everybody thinks they are special and amusing…. because of this it can be rather difficult to show the world what you’re made out of. The world is now saturated with so much bull shit that the term “diamond in the rough” never had more meaning or weight to it.

We are that diamond in the rough my good friends, and I give you my word that we will be spotted.

Next week TGO goes live with social media. I predict our views will increase rapidly by the end of next month, so hold on to your ass.

I believe in you guys, and thank you for believing in me.

Lets kick some fucking ass.