Ark Survival evolved is not worth $60

So the news came out recently that Ark: Survival Evolved developer Wildcard has increased the price of its survival game with Dinos on Steam from $29.99 to $59.99. This has probably got to be the most bone-headed move in their marketing department.

The game is still far from optimized and there’s still some bugs and adjustments to the PvP modes that still aren’t addressed. In a nutshell, they’re trying to sell an Early Access title with a AAA price tag. The steam forums are crying bloody murder now with this sudden change considering that the game will be launched in it’s complete state on August 8 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Even the desert-themed expansion, Scorched Earth, priced at $19.99 is there although it should have been included in the full $60 release.


Back when it came out it got rave reviews, well it has dinosaurs for crying out loud why wouldn’t it? But the overall performance is still garbage unless you’re cradling a bunch of $700 graphics cards but even then the frame rate can’t hit a solid 60 at maximum settings. That’s not considering that they decided to use the Unity engine which is complete and utter garbage. I can’t imagine the state it’ll be in on consoles which don’t really have the resources or power to play a game with such an unstable performance.

Newer players would be most likely driven away give the current state of the game. Unless they somehow pull a rabbit out of their hats, the developers have essentially doomed this game which had a lot of promise and potential. Now it’s been squandered away due to greed. Goddammit gaming industry. Goddammit.