You have to go to these bullshit social gatherings when you get older, it fvcking sucks.

People I don’t know always ask the same questions at these pompous events.

What do you do for a living?

What College did you go to?

Have you always lived in FL?

The list of bullshit, tool bag, superficial questions go on & on.

People always assume I have some amazing agree and job because I’m absolutely gorgeous.

I want to talk about music, literature or philosophy… But these subjects are never brought up by strangers (unless you’re me).

When I’m asked dickhead questions at these dickhead shin-digs, I always look the individual in the eyes for 7 seconds before answering (this makes women grin, but makes guys uncomfortable). After the 7 seconds are up I always say one thing….. “My parents are wealthy, all I do is play video games”

After my award winning reply is over, these public people always seem insulted. Not insulted because I’m an adult who plays video games and has no worries, but insulted because they know I just told them to shut the fuck up in a superior vernacular.


Stay winning TGO, and stay sharp.


  • mikezippy

    What’s your favorite color?

    • Bulgingsnake


  • PQG 1991

    “My parents are rich all I do is play videogames now excuse me while I go write about this conversation on my website” Bulge drops the 🎤 and walks away😎😎

  • holybagpipes
  • One Mat Gang

    Here is a picture of Bulge having a blast at that pirate themed party from last summer

  • Steve

    When people ask me how long I’ve lived in FL, I hit them in the head with a snow shovel.

  • Jerry Eldini

    Reducing some yuppies dream world to ashes like a commando with a flame thrower on the outskirts of 1967 Phu Bai aint gonna get you out of that pool party bro. Look Snake, you got 2 kids, you know how many pool parties that commits you to? 2 bro, 2. My main fishing buddy has gotten himself into a similar predicament and the pool is at his own frickin house!!!!! How is that for a nightmare scenario? He too is at a pool party infested with “other people” and their kids today, and what has come of this tomfoolery? Old Jerry gets reduced to taking his wife on a fvcking “bay cruise” just to get a line in the water for a few hours! That’s right bro, the fruits of this miss guided “pool party” are a female getting taken on a fishing trip. Sacrilege.

  • thereforeiam

    Fucking idiots. Nobody is “from” Florida. They are fleeing somewhere else.

  • Baby Sister

    u bring class to the parties so don’t worry about it snake

  • Just start a story by saying “so i was fucking my female in the ass when..”