You have to go to these bullshit social gatherings when you get older, it fvcking sucks.

People I don’t know always ask the same questions at these pompous events.

What do you do for a living?

What College did you go to?

Have you always lived in FL?

The list of bullshit, tool bag, superficial questions go on & on.

People always assume I have some amazing agree and job because I’m absolutely gorgeous.

I want to talk about music, literature or philosophy… But these subjects are never brought up by strangers (unless you’re me).

When I’m asked dickhead questions at these dickhead shin-digs, I always look the individual in the eyes for 7 seconds before answering (this makes women grin, but makes guys uncomfortable). After the 7 seconds are up I always say one thing….. “My parents are wealthy, all I do is play video games”

After my award winning reply is over, these public people always seem insulted. Not insulted because I’m an adult who plays video games and has no worries, but insulted because they know I just told them to shut the fuck up in a superior vernacular.


Stay winning TGO, and stay sharp.