Culture Shock #4: The Arts

Uilick found a bitchin’ sculpture park out in the Irish boonies today. Come and see what the Irish are passing for art these days…


While this may look very much like a scene out of Indiana Bulge and the Temple of Dong, fanged vaginal gateways are a common feature here in Ireland, often utilised in hospitals, community centres and even creches. One feels a certain catharsis in walking through them, along with a distinct desire to get oneself checked at the nearest available opportunity.


I call this piece “Get me a Busch, I’m going in dry”. According to the artists statement, it reflects man’s need to penetrate our own mothers and return to the womb. With property prices being the way they are these days in Ireland, I’m not completely against the idea.

*Note the cocked leg*


This piece is called “How Tony Hue got his Groove Back”. I like the scum that surrounds everything. It’s very uncompromising, like slipping viagras to a bunch of Ruprechts in a care home…