Netflix’s Castlevania (Review)

Note from Senpai: I was going to do Beyond the Gates, but Castlevania was soooooooo much better.

Staring: Richard Armitage, James Callis, and Graham McTavish
Where you can find it: Netflix
Rated: TV-MA
How many episodes: Four 23 minute episodes.

Plot: The show is an adaptation of the classic NES game, Castlevania 3. Dracula is out for revenge and has unleashed his horde of demons upon the land. Towns folk are slautered left and right by nightmare creatures from hell. Chaos is everywhere. Only a Belmont, a magician, and the son of Dracula can stop the coming apocalypse.40912fbc3ad4c3acd004feeb92eb70adcf4ee041.jpg

First Thoughts: Castlevania on Netflix is fucking awesome. It is everything that I would have wanted in a Castlevania movie or show. I have been daydreaming about a Castlevania production like this since I was a kid. This show captures the creepiness, coolness, and kind of goofiness that is Castlevania. It is a breath of fresh air to see the original Castlevania lore being adapted. While I liked Lords of Shadow, I was disappointed that it was a reboot that did not continue the already established Castlevania lore. In this show, you see the Dracula that you fought over and over again on the NES or Game Boy Advance. You’re seeing the Alucard that you played in Symphony of the Night.

CSV0_101_MASTER.01_05_31_11.Still014.pngThe art is fantastic. It’s very detailed and it is weird American/anime hybrid. It’s not one of those “American animes” that tries too hard to be anime, it just happens to be an American cartoon with an anime like tone and slight anime designs here and there. It’s a lot more detailed than most animes. I read that the team behind the show were inspired by the dark fantasy manga Berseek, and it definitely shows. I want to see American animation do more stuff like this. Mature content that’s not for kids.


  1. Great animation. I love all of the character and monster designs.
  2. Dracula. For the longest time, I have been disappointed by the portrayals of Dracula. I haven’t been able to find any version of Dracula that I liked more or as much as Bela Lugosi or Christopher Lee. However,This is a damn good Dracula. I always enjoyed the Castlevania version of Dracula and they did a great job bringing that version of the character to life in the show. His voice is great. He’s very imposing, scary, and charismatic. Castlevania-d-watermarked.jpg
  3. Awesome monsters. They scare the shit out of me!
  4. Seeing the original lore being adapted = WINNING
  5. Great action: It’s a blast watching Trevor Belmont beat the shit out of people. castlevania-teaser-vengeance-netflix-00.gif
  6. The show felt very Castlevania. I could see “levels” within the action. If that makes any sense. Like, this is the level that is the village, or this is the level with all the moving gears. It was like seeing the game being played without me playing it.
  7. Crazy gore! Another thing that took me back was how violent and scary this show is. I’m normally not bothered by cartoons but this did a pretty good job bothering me. There is crazy gore to found here my friends. I’m not going to go into detail about some of the stuff I saw, because I want you to be as shocked as I am right now. I haven’t been this creeped out by a cartoon since the first Dead Space animated film.

    Dead Space Downfall is criminally underrated!
  8. It reminds me of Vampire Hunter D and that is a damn good thing

My only Cons:

  1. The show slows down a bit in a few parts
  2. Trevor Belmont’s anime mannerisms are a little weird.
  3. It isn’t longer!

Great show and I can’t wait for the 2nd season. I’m going to play Symphony of the Night because of this. I may do a video as well. I have Castlevania fever!

I give Netflix’s Castlevania a 4.5 out of 5.