“Boruto: NNG”If a Franchise can keep giving you money why end it?

Warning: The Series I’m about to talk about is a sequel to a well-known Manga and Anime Series and so as I talk about it there will be spoilers. I just want to warn you now that if you like manga and anime and for some reason you haven’t watched or read Naruto and are still interested in watching it there are…

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So I’ve been an anime fan for many… many years and I watched different types of anime, but the issues I may have with the series can be traced back to the beginning of my life as an otaku. While I watched anime since I was a little kid I never truly became a true otaku until I was in what would be the 2nd year of middle school, it was then when I discovered the sister media to anime, Manga and to be more specific the Naruto Manga series which had a little over 10 volumes by the time I had discovered it. From there I began actively seeking Manga to read and Anime to watch. So as you can imagine the series holds a special place in my otaku heart.

When the Naruto Manga series and the Anime ended I was sad but happy that the story for me had been so entertaining, the anime went a little beyond the manga and ended with the wedding of the Main Character, Naruto, and his girlfriend something the Manga didn’t show. And the “Naruto: The last” movie showed their children Boruto and Himawari, something the Manga did with a small epilogue chapter different from what’s seen in the movie. In both cases it was a nice epilogue… or it was supposed to be.

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When a new Naruto movie with Boruto as the protagonist came out I must say I was excited and the movie didn’t disappoint, it was a good movie I really liked it. Plus the Short Manga/Anime story “The day Naruto became Hokage” is hilarious. Then came a Manga of Sasuke’s daughter Sarada looking for her father who she had never really met along with her friend Chocho Akemichi who decides her parents weren’t her parents and decided to search for her birth parents (spoiler: her parents are her parents and the sub-plot is added for comic relief). The Manga was also short, interesting and good. After this another Manga came out, and while I must confess I haven’t been following all that much it seemed like a manga re-telling of the events of the movie and will probably continue after that (??)I’m not sure if it has ended).

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And then along  came the “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” ( set after the events of “The day Naruto became Hokage of the Sarada Manga story anime but before the movie)… and I want to make something really clear… I like this anime. I don’t like it as much as I liked Naruto but I like it, I think it’s not a bad sequel. And while I get that the new series will bring the old series to the attention of new young anime fans… I don’t get why it was necessary to continue a story that had a beginning, a middle and an end. The story was told. But unfortunately Naruto was one of the more popular anime and manga franchises, and it had expanded rather successfully into the video-game realm. And the people from Shueisha thought that as the cow (the franchise) wasn’t dead yet they could still milk it and make good money.

How do I know it was the people of Shueisha and not Mashashi Kishimoto, Naruto’s original author is not really that involved in the project? Because he is not involved in this new anime and Manga series. I’m sure he perceives some of the benefits Shueisha obtains from this manga he is the creator of Boruto and most of the other character on it, he did do the Sarada searching for Sasuke Manga and “Boruto:Naruto the movie” stories which the manga follows or considers canon and the anime probably will probably follow both, but he is not participating in the latest installment based on the universe of the Naruto series.

So to the question I pose on the title of this post. If a franchise can Keep giving you money why end it? It’s a question I’m sure that’s a question many executives in Tokyo make themselves. My response is what I said before: Because the story  is told please move on to something new. Even if the sequels are good to many fans it will never be as good as the original and people will sometimes be disappointed with what happens with their favorite characters from the original story, unless you have a really good story to tell, a better story than its predecessor its better to leave what happens to the characters to the imagination. I mean I don’t mind things like the movie or the Sarada story but another long running series even if it’s good might be too much for some fans of this particular franchise because even if this series is good in my opinion it is not as good as its predecessor.

Now I will admit that I can be wrong Boruto is still a young manga and anime series and this series which is already good can eventually become a really, really good story worth telling and maybe even better than it’s predecessor if it runs for some time which I don’t know if it will. Only time will tell…