Mind-blowing orgasms up in here

Bulgingsnake and I are fvcking legends in the sack! We just rocked the casba (or however you spell it I’m too lazy to google) like woah!

Check this.. not only have we perfected the art of fornication.. but we cut out all the bullshit and cut our time down to a mere 2 minutes and 58 seconds! (No filler in here!) We surpassed our record time by cutting a whole minute! If they had an Olympic event for this we would’ve taken the gold in speed banging! (Not you Nigeria! Not this sport!)

30 seconds in and I was speeding to the finish… I told BS, “I could go right now!” And he was all like “I’ma take the lead! If I do any harder I’m gonna blow!” We’re a great team… nothing like a well oiled machine!

Imagine all the activities you could apply yourself to if you speed banged like us? You’d have more time for the family, maybe get that Master’s degree you dreamed of! Could hit the gym and get the bod you want in no time!

The possibilities are endless. Now that we just had the most epic of high-performance, high speed, super orgasms.. we have all this time for a full nights rest!

Goodnight TGO!