• Andronymous

    Now that is a sweet bod!

  • Jerry Eldini

    Fuck ‘n A!

  • One Mat Gang

    Thanks coach

  • Jerry Eldini

    That’s sodomize. Please use proper ass rape terminology on TGO.

  • Probably.

  • Fred Ziffel

    Prolly not.. But I could jump his daughter, Lucy.

  • One Mat Gang

    If he was laying down I could. If he is bending over I could definitely sotomize him.

  • Louie

    If my ass were on fire.

  • UilickMcGee

    I think I could pull it off.
    I’m not the tallest guy in the world, but I can get up there when I have to.

  • Jason

    Nope, it’d be like watching an old sumo wrestler trying to jump over an older sumo wrestler. It would not be pretty for those involved, nor for the spectators.

  • PQG 1991

    I’d probably crash into him, and we’d both burn.

  • Bulgingsnake

    Dig it

  • Steve
  • thereforeiam

    That’s fuckin harsh but you got standards and I can dig it.

  • Bulgingsnake

    You have to “start” regardless. So this discussion is just plain stupid! Get on my level bro.

  • thereforeiam

    He’d get kicked in the head if I tried but i believe he would think it was worth it.