Stranger Things Season 2 Debuts on October 27

Stranger Things took the world by storm when it was released on Netflix last summer. There have been some teases about the state date for season 2 but now Netflix officially announced that the show will debut its second season on October 27.

I watched Stranger Things and enjoyed it quite a bit. I didn’t go crazy for it like some others did. I’ll likely check it out unless I hear its awful. Netflix also revealed that Bojack Horseman season 4 is coming on September 8. That’s more important news to me.

Did you enjoy Stranger Things? Will you be checking out season 2?

  • UilickMcGee

    I really liked it, if for nothing else than the opening title sequence is total pixel porn for me.
    I think it owes a sizeable debt to movies like Stand By Me and It, to name just two, but it hasn’t ever felt like a cash-grab or lazy re-hash. More like a nostalgia trip, with a bitching score behind it.