America’s Finest Finale: Trading Places

Okay, it’s well-past Independence Day, but this is a genuinely fitting end to the series. After this it’s done, I swear. Trading Places is probably the most American thing I can think of. It embodies most, if not all of the traits, pitfalls and aspirations of a single nation in under two hours with great humour and elegance.

Winners, losers, gamblers and risk-takers, Trading Places has it all, along with some nice dark comedy along the way. Also, Jamie Lee Curtis was a fox in this. In her prime by all counts.

Trading Places 8

Trading Places is a feel-good movie, allowing greed and elitist nepotism to be overcome by the efforts of the less fortunate (bi-racially I might add) where the downtrodden can band together, rise up, seize opportunities and play the crooks at their own game.

This is probably my favourite moment:

In the end Louis Winthorp and Billy Ray Valentine use the floors of Wall Street to exact revenge on their manipulators and make off with a hefty profit in the process. It has something for everyone; the manifest destiny heroes, the hooker with a heart of gold, even a Santa Claus trying to blow his brains out.

Everyone’s a winner with Trading Places!

Thank you America,