Spain fact #2: Spain is in Europe not in Latin America.

So I don’t think anyone here has that problem but there have been instances of people who when asked where spain was they replied Latin America. I’m gonna post it here in hopes that someday one of those people reads this post and replies correctly next time they are asked (if they are ever asked again)

PS: I’ve got nothing against Latin America in fact I’d like to visit some day, it is a beautiful place and the people I know from there, some of them good friends, are really nice. But Spain is not in Latin America.

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  • You learn somthing new everyday. Next they will tell us that we revolve around the sun.

    • PQG 1991

      It does? I thought it was plain and that the universe revolved around it. You are right you do learn new things everyday hahaha

  • Bulgingsnake


    • PQG 1991

      Close enough

  • Steve

    Where does liquid precipitation there usually land?

    • PQG 1991

      The same as in the states… I think

  • One Mat Gang

    Is it near the flat edge of the earth? Or the middle where you won’t fall off?

    • PQG 1991

      More in the middle

  • Jerry Eldini

    Doesn’t Spain come in a can with its own key or something?

    • PQG 1991

      Wtf? Hahaha