Spain Fact #3: “Tauromaquia” (Bullfighting). A controversial tradition.

One of the most well-known spanish traditions is Bullfighting. “Tauromaquia” or bull fighting is an ancient tradition that has survived several centuries here in Spain. Bullfighting is not without controversy since some call it art and tradition others  just animal cruelty and torture.

I prefer to remain neutral on the topic since I don’t care too much about it and I’m not a “taurino” (Bullfighting fan), but I don’t have anything against those who go to the “corridas” and I actually think both sides have valid arguments and both sides also have flaws in their arguments

With all that being said, what I can say about them is that a “Corrida” is a quite unique experience, not only because the corrida itself but the festive ambient that surrounds such events and it can be interesting to go to one and form your own opinion about it or just have the memory as another anecdote of your life.

If you can’t bring yourself to do so because you don’t or can’t agree with such a tradition, a perfectly respectable position on the matter, I suggest you visit the “Plazas de Toros” and think of them as monuments similar to the Roman Colosseum, the building is impressive, in this case some are beautiful and/or interesting, but you don’t agree with what happened, in this case still happens, inside it.