I can’t think of anything to write. I might not be drinking, but now I have to get off these xanax (which consequently help me not to drink). These xanax block my creativity more than alcohol ever did.

Three plus years ago when I got on the internet and started blogging, my vision of entertainment was clear… But three years ago I was jogging 14 miles every day and eating right. The psychology of my brain has changed dramatically since then, I barely know who I am anymore.

I feel like a mindless sheep, I’m turning into exactly what society wants me to (a tool that does nothing but work and pays bills).

I might find who I once was, I might not. It feels as if the more I try to remember who I was, the more it slips away like a dream you try to hold on to, but only have fragments and small sensations left.

There is a demon who walks next to me every waking moment of the day and he looks just like me. I must exterminate him before it’s to late.