I can’t think of anything to write. I might not be drinking, but now I have to get off these xanax (which consequently help me not to drink). These xanax block my creativity more than alcohol ever did.

Three plus years ago when I got on the internet and started blogging, my vision of entertainment was clear… But three years ago I was jogging 14 miles every day and eating right. The psychology of my brain has changed dramatically since then, I barely know who I am anymore.

I feel like a mindless sheep, I’m turning into exactly what society wants me to (a tool that does nothing but work and pays bills).

I might find who I once was, I might not. It feels as if the more I try to remember who I was, the more it slips away like a dream you try to hold on to, but only have fragments and small sensations left.

There is a demon who walks next to me every waking moment of the day and he looks just like me. I must exterminate him before it’s to late.


  • mikezippy

    I think I hear that Rocky music playing for you already man. Go to it.

  • Jerry Eldini

    I hear it too, I can hear a synth in the background though, and the unmistakable sound of cowbell. Sounds kind of cool.

  • One Mat Gang

    Hopes and dreams just lead to disappointment. Alcohol leads to burritos and more alcohol. Follow your liver not your brain.

  • Jerry Eldini

    Forgetting who you are huh? Well let me remind you, you’re fvckin’ Bulging Snake bro, and fish FEAR your fvckin’ name!! Yeh, I know, they have been acting like hot shite lately and saying stuff to each other like, “We don’t have to worry about Bulging Snake, he’s wasted on pills, we can just eat whatever we want!” or “Hey, lets have a fish orgy right now, Bulging Snake cant stop us with his hooks and delicious baits cause he’s fvckin’ hammered!” but let me tell you this bro, even in the midst of their underwater fvckfest, they be lookin over their shoulder yo, cause they know as well as I do, they are never really safe from “The Bulge”!!!
    14 miles a day?? Really bro?? I do 3.5 miles on my treadmill and I’m all like “fuck this shiz!!!” Oh, and that demon, he’s just mad cause his dick don’t work anymore so fvck that guy, fvck him in the @ss Snake, real hard like. make his rectum fall out. He wont screw with you with his rectum hanging out, their egos are way too big.
    I think you need a broat bro, do some epic fishing videos for the site. It is TGO after all. I bet you can find a decent fishing broat on craigslist for about a grand.

  • Bulgingsnake

    I need to hibernate for a decade

  • Andronymous

    And miss the apocalypse?! No way don’t so it!

  • Sounds like you need an ass blasting.