Special-Needs Man Denied At Strip Club

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla.It was supposed to be a fun night  for Seth Taylor at Emerald City Gentleman’s Club.

But that good time never happened because he didn’t get inside.

Taylor has cerebral palsy, a disorder of movement and muscle tone that requires him to have a full-time caregiver. He wanted his caregiver to go into the club with him, but was told she had to pay a $10 cover charge.

“It was terrible,” Taylor said through his caregiver. “They should be more considerate about disabled individuals.”

But Kip Whaley, the owner of Emerald City, says every person who enters the club must present identification and that Taylor’s caregiver blocked his entry, not his disability.

“The lady started ranting about how she shouldn’t have to pay $10 and didn’t have an ID — and she’s the assistant to the handicap person,” he said.

Private businesses can decide if they will make accommodations for disabled patrons and their caregivers, according to a local advocate for the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Although $10 isn’t much money, the incident damaged Taylor’s pride.

“It’s the principal of the matter and I’m on SSI — social security,” Taylor said. “Every dollar counts.”

This article above was reposted from the Wink News website.  (I wish I could have posted the video)

As a former Port Charlotte resident… someone needs to tell that poor guy that the b!tches at Emerald City aren’t as fun as he thinks! He could get VD was just rolling into that place. Furthermore that town is so full of hoes… he could get a BJ from a meth head for far less than the few SSI dollas he was planning on having his CNA put in those g-strings. I mean.. “every dollar counts”!