Merman on Florida beach

FB_IMG_1500268650814A photographer was just out doing a shoot for a nice couple when she looks over her shoulder and notices a Merman! The man was flopping on the shoreline at the beach on Anna Maria Island, Florida.

…. I thought mermaids were supposed to be beautiful… this must be their creepy uncle.

  • Bulgingsnake


  • Steve

    Wait, is this another Danny DeVito post?

  • UilickMcGee

    Can you jump over a Mer-Manny De Vito with a running start?

  • Steve

    I bet you can’t do it without starting the runs.

  • That man is WINNING at life!

  • Andronymous

    Huh, the mainstream media told me Saddam Hussein was dead…. Now I know the truth, he just returned to the sea like we all do eventually.

  • RockMomster

    Fvck. Totally right.

  • RockMomster

    I want to know where get got his flipper from

  • Probably a seasonal Halloween store.

  • One Mat Gang

    Just keep this thing away from Bulge, he has rapist written all over him.