Which STDs do you have?

I have all the classics! How about you?

  • Dave79

    FOAD. Father Of All Dicks.

  • Dave79

    Just the scabby ones you get from farm animals. I never go to the doctor.

  • Bulgingsnake

    That’s what I’m talking about.

  • Bulgingsnake

    Gonorrhra sucks, it’s curable.

  • One Mat Gang


  • Beastly beast

    It penetrates vagina with the power of seventeen deca-dicks.

  • Nope

  • UilickMcGee

    My brother does STD tests in a hospital.
    Last week he sampled an eyeball scraping that tested positive for Gonorrhea.
    Don’t know whether to feel sorry for the guy, or buy him a congratulatory beer…

  • Bulgingsnake

    Is that fun?

  • Bulgingsnake

    Sounds hot

  • FBT

  • I have Greyscale.

  • Beastly beast


    My d!ck is a WMD.