Spain fact #6: We spaniards love our cuisine.

We Spaniards love our cuisine, we are really proud of it and in my opinion (admittedly an extremely subjective opinion) it is one of the best in the world. There is a wide variety of foods here in Spain, some are well-known some of them aren’t. Some  of the foods are specialties of the different spanish regions, although they can be found all throughout the country, others are typical from the country in general all of them really good.

Now the best way to continue this post is to show you the foods and explain a little

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Probably one of the most well-known Spanish foods Iberian Ham is a national treasure, it is not to be confused with Serrano Ham which is sometimes considered lower quality ham (in my opinion both are really good and there is Serrano ham better than Iberian ham)

Receta de Paella sencilla

Paella is also one of the most well-known dishes of the spanish cuisine. While the most popular one is the mixed one (with seafood, chicken and other meats) you can also have it only with vegetables, only with seafood only with seafood or only with chicken and meat. The are also other types of rice like the black rice which is normally served with calamari

Resultado de imagen de Tabla de embutidos

The “Tablas de Embutidos Ibéricos” are a plate of a mix of Sausages and foods that come from the pig normally. “Jamón” Ham “Chorizo, Salchichón, Lomo y Morcilla” different types of sausages (including blood sausage). Unlike what can be seen in the photo, cheese usually doesn’t come with the “Tabla” and is asked independently. You may also find “Tablas de queso” at restaurants which are a mix of different spanish cheeses.

Roasted Lamb with potatoes is a typical spanish food, and is specially well made in Segovia something you must taste if you ever visit there, although you may find in other places of Spain as well

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Meats in Spain are especially delicious. The meat from the photo is known as the “Chuletón de Ávila” a specialty of the city although galician meat is also of the highest quality and has great flavor as well

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Percebes and “Pulpo” (Octopus) are galician specialties and are really good, if you ever visit the Northwestern region you should definitely try them out although like it happens with the two previous dishes you may also find them all around Spain.

Pescaito Frito

The “Pescaítos fritos” (fried fish dish) are an andalusian specialty and a really popular dish among tourist, there is a wide variety of small-sized fishes in those dishes like sardines, anchovies and other fishes from the area.

Well there is a lot more dishes I could mention lots of other food I could actually show you but it would take too long and the post could very easily be never-ending so let me just end it here hoping that you liked the article