So one of the things that brought me to like anime in the first place when I was younger were the Giant Robots I saw in some anime series as such the mecha genre is one of my favorite anime genres, although my favorite series to this day continues to be Cowboy Bebop.

So like the first three openings that I showed you on the first post these three openings have nostalgic value for me but even if they didn’t I’d still think they are really cool openings which hopefully will prompt you to check out the series if you are into Anime.

Neon Genesis Evangelion.

“Cruel Angel Thesis”

Artist: Yoko Takahashi

Video uploaded to YouTube by agentesuperman00

Plot Summary: “In 2015 fifteen years after a cataclysmic event known as the 2nd impact Shinji Ikari is told by his stranged father to go meet him in Tokyo-3. There he witnesses the UN forces battling a monster. Upon meeting with his father Shinji himself is forced to battle the monsters known as “Angels” as the pilot of the giant Robot Evangelion Unit 1 or EVA-01″

Dai Guard

“Rojiuura No Uchuu Shounen” (Black Alley Space Boy)

Artist: The Cobratwisters

Video uploaded to YouTube by TheDropDeadEd

Plot Summary (IMDB): “Ten years ago, Japan was attacked by a strange unstoppable creature which was later called a Hedrodyne. It took a great deal of sacrifices and loss of life to stop the creature. A private company builds a giant robot that was called Dai-Guard. But not another creature appeared for 10 years and Dai-Guard became more of a joke than a protector of the city. Until the day a new Hedrodyne raises his ugly head. Against orders three PR officers steal Dai-Guard and become the citizen’s only hope to protect the city against this new wave of Hedrodyne attacks.”


“Senshi Yo, Tachiagare” (Stand up Warriors!)

Artist: Masaaki Endoh

Video uploaded to YouTube by Hafid Amador

Plot Summary (a mix between Wikipedia’s and my own): “The story is set in 2040 after a disaster happens in Tokyo in 2029. The main character Ken Ando joins up with a company designated to clean up Tokyo, called DC. After a mysterious robot begins attacking the DC cleanup crews, the organization starts a process of militarization with main character learning of the secrets it hides. Soon however Ken and his friends find themselves fighting against the company, which has more sinister objectives than they previously thought, and Ken himself becomes the pilot of the mysterious robot, the Cybuster.”