Porgs: Behind The Last Jedi’s New Creature

Anyone who saw the behind the scenes footage that was released from D23 this week probably noticed the cute little creature above. This creature is officially called a Porg and they are native to the planet Ahch-To (Luke’s exile planet). StarWars.com interviewed Pablo Hidalgo and he provided a little more information about Porgs and their role in The Last Jedi.

Pablo explained that Porgs were created by screenwriter and director Rian Johnson and they are created using both practical and computer effects. There are some circumstances where they are puppets (seen above) with the puppeteer removed digitally from the shot.

Porgs can fly and they build nests. Pablo said that they are fairly friendly because it is so rare that they get visitors. There have been rumors about a potential “caretaker creature” that lives on Luke’s island so whether these are the Porgs or not remains to be seen. I speculate that Luke may be communicating with the creatures through the Force. He’s got to be talking to someone or he would’ve probably killed himself by now.

What do you think of the Porgs? Do you have any expectations for them?