“Running with the Cows and saving villages” a Bulgingsnake Story

The first time I saw Bulgingsnake running with the cows here in Spain was shortly after he launched this website. It was the festivities of a village here in Spain and no one knew what he was doing there, he looked like he didn’t know it himself. However the peaceful festivities and the party were suddenly interrupted by the fiercest animals in the Iberian peninsula… cows

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Terrified people run around fearing for their lives until one person, one savior, one messiah a god appeared…

Displaying great bravery he made the evil cows flee away from the village and running after them to make sure they didn’t return, the day was saved and the party was able to continue however the evil cows felt humiliated and desired revenge against the human that had made them flee and asked their mates, the bulls for revenge. And so the bulls stormed the village.

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Many charged against our hero but Bulge proved to be their match and after defeating several bulls the others fled in terror, they knew  they couldn’t possibly defeat him because Bulge was always

However in a moment of carelessness after he realized he had not only defeated the evil cows and bulls but that he hadn’t been raped in 2 days he decided to report those good news to the people here at thegreatoutdoorsman.net he didn’t realize that traitorous bull had remained behind and the traitorous bull proceeded to rape our hero.

It was horrible and Bulge had to be taken to the hospital. The grateful people of the village have named a street “Bulgingsnake the Great” and several women were impregnated just by witnessing the Bulge’s bravery. The cowardly Bull was killed when he tried to flee the scene, he was run over by a car.

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And that’s the story of the first time I saw Bulgingsnake run with cows (and save a village) here in Spain.