Ben Affleck is Considering Leaving Batman

Ben Affleck got a lot of backlash from the moment he was announced as Batman for the then upcoming Batman V Superman film. Then when the film came out Affleck was surprisingly the highlight of the film, but awful reviews and fan uproar seemed to sour Affleck about his future with DC films. Now The Hollywood Reporter has heard from a source that Warner Brothers is planning to phase him out in some way.

Affleck’s Batman is set to appear in Justice League and he will likely be on a Comic-Con panel this weekend but he could’ve been saving an departure announcement until after the film is released to avoid hurting the box office gross. It will be tough to say what will happen from here as Affleck was expected to appear in a Batman solo film at some point in the future. A film he was originally set to direct but he eventually stepped down and was replaced by Dawn of the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves. Affleck also composed a script with comic legend Geoff Johns that was eventually scrapped. So it is possible that his is a little sick of being pushed around by WB.

Now probably isn’t the best time in Affleck’s life as he was recently in rehab to clear up a drinking problem and that could be effecting a possible decision as well. Its tough to say how the DCEU will continue with him. Recasting could be an issue as Bruce Wayne was intended to be middle aged in Batman V Superman and recasting and moving on with a young actor wouldn’t work. They only way they would be able to move on with a young Batman would be if they decided to replace Bruce Wayne with Dick Grayson, the original Robin who then moved on become Nightwing. Jim Gordon also took on the Batman mantle at one point in the comics. Batman recastings have happened numerous times in the last 30 years but this may be a tough pill to swallow for the DCEU and Warner Brothers. There has been no statement from Ben Affleck regarding this matter but it is very possible that if he does decide to leave that it will be kept under wraps until Justice League’s box office run concludes.

This only adds to the Justice League drama as original director Zack Snyder was forced to leave the project to spend time with his family after his daughter’s suicide. Avengers director Joss Whedon was then brought in to direct some reshoots. Justice League will be released this November

Do you think Ben Affleck should leave Batman? Who should replace him or how will WB move on?

  • Beastly beast

    Ben affleck as batman always felt stupid as shit to me but I was surprised by his performance. I didn’t think he did half bad. I didn’t like how they made his batman look like a cartoon though.

    So while Ben affleck is a retard I don’t think the problem with the recent movies has been Ben affleck really.

  • Mr. Perfect

    I dedicate this posting to Ben Affleck.

  • I’m indifferent. The joker still blows in the DCEU with or without BatFlack.

  • Solid Snake

    Probably just more rumors

  • Andorian Soup


  • PQG 1991

    I wouldn’t like that, batfleck was cool!!

  • UilickMcGee

    Warner Bros. And DC are just not with it. The only thing they’ve managed not to make a balls of was Man of Steel, and that had Christopher Nolan’s fingerprints all over it.

    I predict heavy financial losses and a few resignations before they’re done botching up their own universe.

  • Bulgingsnake

    I’m Batman

  • One Mat Gang

    Ben is considering leaving Batman? Too bad, they are a cute couple.

  • Steve

    I stand by my statement in the other discussion. Cast Ben Affleck in all the films.