Anime Openings #3: A world of Fantasy!

So as I haven’t finished my new asian horror review yet I decided to add another entry of these anime openings post series. Now these three animes I’m going to show you are, like the six previous anime openings I showed you, part of my childhood and in particular the fantasy genre of anime. I hope you like them and decide to check them out if you have the time.

Fushigi Yugi

“Itoshii hito no tameni”

Artist: Akemi Sato

Video uploaded to YouTube by Emmi Coffe Bean

Plot summary: “”Middle-school student Miaka Yūki is under a lot of pressure to pass the entrance exam for the competitive Jonan Academy. Her friends do not believe she will get in, but she is determined to because her best friend, Yui Hongo, has applied for the same school and she wants them both to go to the school together. While at the library one day, Miaka and Yui encounter a strange book known as The Universe of the Four Gods. As a result of reading this book, they are then transported into the novel’s universe”

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen

“Ai just on my love”

Artist: Sharam Q

Video uploaded to YouTube by Marcos Nijborg

Plot Summary (IMDB): “A sorcerer by the name of Orphen searches for a way to bring his childhood friend, Azalie, back to her original form, whom on a quest for knowledge became a dragon.”



“Get along”

Artist: Megumi Hayashibara

Video uploaded to YouTube by sonic485

Plot Summary (IMDB): “In a medieval sword and sorcery world, there is one mage who is notorious for her power and grace (at least that’s how she likes to put it), Lina Inverse. In reality, she is a teenage mage with a penchant for collateral damage, being obnoxious and gluttony. This series chronicles her adventures with companions, such as the powerful but dumb swordsman Gourry Gabriev as she quests for gold and finds a heck of a lot trouble along the way”