Disclaimer: I’m playing this game after all the patches have been released, so I have know idea how it was before hand. I’m also playing on the hardest difficulty, so my opinion would change dramatically on an easier challenge.



You know that classic video game question “would you rather have amazing gameplay or story”? Well, the story in this game doesn’t rival the Mass Effect trilogy, but goddamn, the gameplay blows it out of the water.

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GAMEPLAY: The movement of combat is literally a third person version of Halo 5 in Andromeda. You can jump up in the air with your jetpack and hover for a moment as you make head shots. You can use your jetpack thrusters  to thrust from left to right as you dodge enemy fire. You can take cover behind 99% of the objects seen on screen (even your vehicles), and you don’t accidentally get stuck on walls like in the mass effect trilogy.  The controls feel amazing, and I’ve yet to notice frame rate drops.

The enemy AI is just as good if not better than Mass Effect 3, although, your team mates AI is less than desirable. You don’t have as much control over your team mates as you did in Mass Effect 2 & 3 (not that I care, some might though).



STORY & INTERACTION: (spoiler free):  The story isn’t Mass Effect 2 legendary, but it still keeps you moving forward. Interacting with people can be lame at certain points, not because of the facial animations per say, but because the dialog can be pretty damn cheesy.



GRAPHICS: The graphics are a mixed bag. At their worst they are on par with Mass Effect 3. In environments where they are at their worst, these are environments that are crawling with detail (usually forest). The more detail a planet has, the less movement in the environment it has (such as rain drops and leaves blowing in the wind, footprints, Etc), and the lighting is downgraded. But the less structures and tress a planet has, the more gorgeous a planet is (desert planets are beautiful). But this game is sort of disappointment for being next gen in the graphic department (I can only Imagine if CD PROJECT RED made this game). I will say this though, the world of Andromeda feels much more alien than the Mass Effect trilogy does.

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THIS GAME IS MOST DEFINITELY AN RPG: I always thought the RPG elements were a joke in the Mass Effect trilogy. The Mass Effect trilogy is nothing but a third person shooter with enhancements here and there, and the games were linear as hell. Once Andromeda opens up, it becomes pretty damn none-linear. Every world is a sandbox with side quest all over the place. And Andromeda has a nice learning curve when it comes to building weapons, armor & items (you don’t just purchase stuff in this game like you did in the mass effect trilogy).



LAST THOUGHT: If you were a  fan of the Mass Effect trilogy then you will love this game. It is easy to get lost in wonder and combat. The game is huge and has a lot more to offer than the original trilogy combined. People hating on this game are idiots — I play shooters for awesome combat that is fun and addictive (and this game is).

Andromeda is most definitely worth 60 bucks, but it’s only 20 bucks at GameStop. And remember kids, never be a pussy, always play on the hardest difficulty!


  • holybagpipes

    The problem with Andromeda was that it had a troubled development history.

    They wanted it to have procedurally generated planets but the frostbite engine had problems with it. It was completely unplayable until they decided to scrap it and start from scratch again.

    Even some bioware veterans had left during development but I think it’s biggest problem was that was trying to satisfy the politically correct crowd.

    Like you said about Mass Effect 2, it’s hard to imagine that this game has ugly characters despite creating Miranda.

  • Beastly beast

    I also found the new mass effects hate is pretty overblown. It’s a quality game. FAR AND AWAY the best combat of the series.

    From a gameplay standpoint I sort of feel like it made some excellent progress.

    The main problem with Andromeda is the fact that bioware has not evolved with the times.

    No matter what RPG came out from Bethesda or obsidian or whatever…. there was always bioware and they always trumped everyone else in storyline and writing.

    …. until the witcher 3.

    Witcher 3 truly raised the bar in terms of writing and storyline in an rpg and how you place it within a video game. It’s mind boggling how much quality is in ALL of witcher 3.

    Andromeda was just…. more bioware. And it’s not even the best bioware story, not by a long shot.

  • Andronymous

    Get well soon Mass Effect Andromeda!

  • Damn good review Bulge. I’m probably to get it after I beat Prey and FF12.

  • Bulgingsnake

    I haven’t really tried, but I think you can.

  • holybagpipes

    Oh I meant how you could bang every living thing with two legs in the previous mass effect. Does this satisfy that?

  • Bulgingsnake

    The RPG elements blow the original Mass Effect out of the water. I was saying that they are GOOD

  • holybagpipes

    It’s sad to see that the rpg elements aren’t that great but the action bits are pretty interesting.

    Also speaking of cd projekt red, Cyberpunk 2077 baby.